MSEDCL Mobile App Download* For MSEB Bill Payment & Mahavitaran Services

MSEDCL Mobile App

MSEDCL stands for Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited also called as Mahavtaran who provide electricity in Maharashtra states and famous just because of this service of Electricity provider is India’s number second largest electricity provider which owned by Government of Maharashtra founded in 1960 and has headquarter for making important decision which located in Mumbai city which is capital of Maharashtra states and one of the most successful city of India also after they started facility of Online Electricity Bill Payment so considering today’s generation and increasing number of mobile user in India Government makes another announcement of launching Mobile based application to pay Bill for MSEB online on your Mobile Phone and also available in most of operating system such as Android, IOS, Windows and going to launch for other os like Firefox, blackberry and more so paying Bill will become more convenient and more reliable for any customer anytime.


 MSEDCL Mobile App Download For MSEB

  • If you are android user just open playstore app then in search box enter MSEDCL
  • Then many result will be display in below search box in that don’t get confuse some unofficial app also are display which has same name so to confirm which app is correct you have to check uploader name Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co.Ltd. so cross check and click on install button
  • If you not able to find Application for them follow below steps
  • first copy above link then paste into browser
  • then pop up window will be open which will ask you want open in Playstore then click on yes button
  • after clicking on yes button you will automatically redirected to playstore and then you have to just click on install button
MSEDCL App Download
MSEDCL App Download

MSEDCL Mobile App Download For iOS, iPhone

  • Just like Android has play store, Apple has App Store so in that on top of App Store you have search box in that type MSEDCL then also check upload name which is Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co.Ltd. for confirmation
  • Then click on Install button then downloading will start automatically
  • If you not able to find in iPhone then follow below steps
  • First open Safari Web Browser then copy and paste this link:
  • After you visit it will ask to open in App Store then you have to click on install button

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MSEDCL Mobile App For MSEB

  • After you finished downloading then open Application then just enter consumer name and password
  • Then you will sign in into application automatically redirected to MSEDCL Mobile App home
  • Under this you have provided different options such as
  • View/Pay Bill: using this option you can pay your electricity bill online and also you can view your recent month electricity bill
  • Add/ Remove Connection: if you buy new house or any company which required electricity for that you have to apply for new connection so using Add option you can do this task and if you wanted to close connection then remove connection will do it for you
  • Submit Reading: If there is some issue in electricity meter reading or some technical fault you can submit current reading MSEB by using this option
  • Register Complaint: If your connection is cut for any reason or Electricity stopped reaching to your work place then you can submit complaint using this option so they can solve your problem.
  • History: this option is used to view your previous Electricity Bill Payment history and more
  • Provide Feedback: using this you can give your opinion about application so they can notice and made changes according your requirement

MSEDCL App Download For PC, Laptop

  • Many times official website takes more time to open and also some error appears so people chooses this option using application on mobile.
  • So first download Bluestack Software in your pc or Laptop
  • Then install it then it will provide you facility like Android phone so just open playstore application
  • Install MSEDCL App
  • And open it into bluestack itself so using this you can use MSEDCL App in your PC

MSEDCL App Payment Mode for MSEB Bill Payment

  • Cards: in this payment mode you can use your credit card or debit card for Bill Payment
  • Netbanking: Net banking enable Bank Account of Any Bank
  • Wallets: if you already have cash amount in App Wallet using this you can also pay bill
  • CashCards: There are some offers and cash cards which has one number by entering number you also make payment for Bill
  • Paytm: Paytm is mobile application for transaction from bank account to different account so using paytm wallet you can also pay MSEB Bill

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How To Pay MSEB Bill (Electricity) Online @

MSEB Bill Electricity

MSEB which means  Maharashtra State Electricity Board also called as Maha Vitaran who nothing but Electricity provider of Maharashtra states which was started 57 year ago to under section 5 and also one of the biggest electricity provider of India as because of Maharashtra is biggest state in India and also MSEB is second biggest electricity provider of India in which National Thermal Power Corporation is leading electricity provider, MSEB handle at headquarters which is in Mumbai Maharashtra India which involving different main cities like Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, thane, Solapur, Latur and more as because highest number of city which has huge population because in business, education and industry Maharashtra has huge contribution and also pay important role in Market of India so there is huge requirement of Electricity so MSEB doing very important role who providing electricity all over Maharashtra with low rate and also provide really good  service with less issue as they follow simple rule of Paying for electricity so every House or company has different electricity meter which calculate how much electricity use and generate report and converted into Rs. After It generate electricity bill which arrived at location where electricity is using and MSEB Electricity is mainly produced from non-renewable resources, using fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas

MSEB Electric Bill
MSEB Electric Bill

How To Pay MSEB Bill Online

Considering high demand on electricity in major cities of Maharashtra MSEB so there is shortage of Office which accept Electricity bill and because of huge rush while paying bill people has to wait for long time and also stand in line till your number of paying bill is not come and as MSEB bill payment has done in end of every month so avoid this MSEB started new service specially customers by making online payment for Electricity bill with name WSS-web self-service which handle various number of customer which allow to pay your electricity or light bill online and other task such as raise, track service request and other more option and this service only available for post-paid customer and prepaid do not use this portal because it will not accept your application and payment also so for new user there always be trouble while handling

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MSEB Bill @

To Pay MSEB bill online @ official website of MSEB you need to register or you can also pay directly by just entering your Id and payment details

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  • Visit this:
  • Then select your type from two option LT Customer and HT Customer
  • Then enter customer no which is situated as per your region
  • Consumer Type *
  • Consumer Number*
  • BU*
  • Select Type *
  • First Name *
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name *
  • UID
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Date of Birth *
  • Security Question & Answer
  • Secret Question *
  • Secret Answer *
  • Consumer Demographic Information
  • Address 1 *
  • Address 2
  • Village/ Town/ City *
  • State
  • Country
  • Pin Code *
  • Land Line Number
  • Mobile Number*
  • Email *
  • Consumer Miscellaneous Information
  • Education
  • Income Range(Monthly)
  • Occupation
  • Relationship
  • Membership Profile
  • Login Name *
  • Password *
  • Confirm Password *
  • Then click on submit button
  • Then your official account will be created and you can make payment every month which will be automatically display on home screen with your name, pending electric bill and payment options

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  • firs visit above link then enter login name and password
  • then click on submit button
  • you successfully logged in into account
  • in some case you forgot username or password then below login button they have given option for recovery of password and username in that have to enter email address you will get link by email in that you have to follow further instructions Pay Bill

  • first visit this:
  • Consumer Type: HT customer/ LT Customer
  • Consumer No.: enter consumer number
  • BU: ether your nearest office name